Pacific Pipeline Supply was established in 1987 on the foundation of exceptional service at the local level to Water Agencies and Contractors that service the underground pipeline industry. Although this industry is dominated by multi-branch, mega-corporations, or “big-box stores,” Pacific Pipeline Supply has continued to grow and prosper, servicing their customers with high quality personal service.
Combine the well over 100 years of employee experience and add exceptional and innovative products for Water, Reclaimed Water, Sewer, Storm Drain, and Fire Protection Systems and the result is a supplier that will make “The Difference.”
“Old Fashioned Service…at Hot Rod Speed” is not just our slogan, but our combined effort to offer our customers the good service of years gone by with today’s speed and technology.

We Know Waterworks

Pacific Pipeline Supply began by focusing on Waterworks needs throughout San Diego County focusing on Water, Sewer, and Fire Protection. As the Waterworks industry has expanded, so has Pacific Pipeline’s product base and our service area. We now offer complete lines in Recycled Water and Stormwater needs as both industries have gone from fledgling markets to driving forces in Southern California.
As market and environmental changes occur, like here in Southern California, your suppliers must also adapt. The recycled water industry is growing at rapid pace as California gets more creative with water resources. We now offer everything from Purple PVC pipe, to Purple Valves, Hydrants, Coated Copper, etc. For more info see our Recycled Water Page in our Products section.
Our Storm Drainage line has seen a similar boon as developers and land owners are forced to manage Stormwater runoff. Our Premier Storm Drainage product line is Prinsco HDPE Dual Wall Pipe and Fittings. This material has helped move, store, and manage Stormwater economically and efficiently, espeically with the use of HDPE Detention Systems. Detention systems are exponentially growing in demand to manage Storm Runoff and prevent flooding along with safety and health risks. See our Storm Drain Page in our Products section for more info.


About Pacific Pipeline Supply

Pacific Pipeline Supply is the only independent, local family-owned and operated waterworks company in San Diego County. Although this industry is dominated by multi-branch, mega-corporations located in other states, Pacific Pipeline Supply has continued to grow and prosper, servicing their customers with high quality personal service.Our company maintains three separate facilities in San Marcos, California, which house the largest and most complete inventory of piping products. Our employees offer a combine the well over 100 of waterworks experience.